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Kalamazoo Chamber of Commerce

50792 County Road 652

Mattawan, MI 49071
(269) 668-3301

K and S Vending Services, Inc. is your source for superior vending and coffee. We've been serving the Southwest Michigan area, including Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, for over 50 years.

We provide the quality products that employees desire.  Establish and maintain a friendly professional relationship. Your vending and coffee machines will be kept full, clean, and in proper working order.

K and S has been providing quality vending services for over 50 years.  We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service.  Our vending product selection and coffee is unlimited.  If the product will vend out of a vending machine and your employees request it we will make every attempt to have that product on your next delivery day.

Credit Card Readers

Credit Card readers are available for use on our equipment. Please contact the sales department for more information.


  • Vending machines provided free
  • 24/7 customer service (including weekends)
  • No charge for maintenance calls
  • Daily or weekly restocking of vending machines
  • Friendly courteous route drivers


  • Traditional Full Service Vending
  • Subsidized Vending
  • Office Coffee Service
  • Water Purification - Bottled Water

Healthy Vending  •  Famous Brands  •  50+ Years of Local Service

Consumer Satisfaction  •  Customer Satisfaction

Serving Southwest Michigan